Blog Post #2

January 28th, 2020 by Samantha Kohler

I enjoyed the Babakieuria Video a lot! – I laughed when I found out how they got the title of the video. Which was a perfect example of language and how speech codes occur more frequently than not. The video started out portraying the “typical” white family- and represented them as average.  Father goes to work, Mother stays home to cook and clean, while the kids go to school and get an education. As Duranga shows us throughout the film there are differences between white and color race, that there is diversity between them but not acknowledged. An example was when she asked the mother about a particular situation that had occurred and the mother said, “this is just how it is, it’s the way it’s supposed to be”. By stating that she is accepting the social norm of being different and not really putting in any effort to come together culturally and as a society. The film also showed the town having an upcoming event, “the 200th year celebration”. It was of course to celebrate when the town was established, but that not everyone was equally informed about this party, nor did anyone care to change that. I feel like this town doesn’t have a collectivism approach at all, along with that a sentence from the film really stuck with me and that was when the president said, “It doesn’t matter how nice someone is, if you don’t trust them”. So, as we can see these people may associate with each other but there is a reason why they have certain stereotypes- and because of what he said, “we can’t really trust them”. Meaning it won’t get better, the barriers, conflict, gestures and misunderstanding will continue. If the government doesn’t want to change the rules and have people abide by new terms, will change in the community really happen?

Language can be a barrier in intercultural communication. There is so much meaning behind each word that is spoken which makes it easy to misunderstand the content. Between race, religion, certain upbringings, and much more differences It is vital to have empathy when communicating. To benefit from an interaction with someone you have to want it and try. Become open minded and understanding. We all have a place of power and it is our job to put that into play. In the reading it talked about having accountability, making sure we explain the meaning of our message that is given. Overall a good theory to remember is the Communication Accommodation Theory. This focuses not only on the sender of the message is saying but also how the receiver interprets it. This is a two- way system when communicating and must be done to continue growth and harmony with each other. 

Monopoly Game Event #1

January 24th, 2020 by Samantha Kohler

This past week I was able to attend the Martin Luther King Jr. Event. The focus for this event was on “Democratizing the Dream” and also marked the 100th year of women’s suffrage, which emphasized on the Black Women in Movements. The event started with a beautiful song by Bri Ray, that pinpointed the importance of being apart of a community, or as she called it, her village. How following the “system” and culture is critical, not to disrupt the unity of your communities social norms. Which we are seeing a shift happening in our culture where we can fight those stereotypes and step outside of the typical norm and speak up as did this song. We all have a voice and it does no good to sit back and let others decide for you. But also making sure that we are self-aware when approaching different cultures. In class we discussed the importance of being aware and how ethnocentrism can play a huge issue in our culture. 

Following that Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke who is a Vice President for Strategic Affairs and Vice Provost for Inclusion and Diversity at Virginia Tech, spoke particularly on women and making sure we as a society give credit where credit should be given. She read a letter about her mother, a race class, gender, nigerio who worked long hours and never had a voice. She had no education therefor in the socialites eyes that meant you had no thoughts or opinions that were worth sharing. Pratt-Clarke made a huge statement that stuck with me when she said, it is important and critical to take the time to learn and understand those stories that haven’t been told so we can make a change. There are so many great people that have written journals with their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and life lessons that we all can gain from. It is important to challenge the status we live in, keep pushing through the sweat, pain, and disparate and remember why you are doing it. Pratt- Clarke wouldn’t be where she is today unless she disrupted the status quote and push through-even when people told her no, or she couldn’t do it. If we go back to past generations and read and speak up for them, even if the outcome doesn’t change right then- someone will notice and it will benefit someone, somewhere. Social change can only occur through social movement- which can then change social power! You have the say and can make it happen. She closed with stating, try to become a leader not a follower. Remembering you dont have to follow the crowd to be successful or happy. BE YOU!

Blog Post #1

January 23rd, 2020 by Samantha Kohler

Good Afternoon- My name is Samantha Kohler. This is my last semester at UVU and graduation cannot come soon enough! I work full time at a rest home in the mornings and part-time as a bookkeeper/ accountant for a business in Orem, during the night. I am married and we have five kids. I enjoy every second this crazy, busy life of mine. These past few years I have made it a goal to read more, and surprisingly have held up my end of the deal. I try and read a variety of books and feel like I have grown a ton just by doing that. I hope this is something that I continue- I do believe in the importance of becoming more knowledgeable and aware of life’s offerings. The usual hiking, yoga, and exercise plays a huge part in our lives- and for myself, its a must, and a great way to deal with stress!

I am excited to learn more about other cultures. I have been lucky enough to travel quiet a bit in my life and most of the time I “assume” I am living in the culture and understand the people. Which after one of our class discussions that is not always the case. So, I am interested in learning more about the diversity that occurs when associating myself in another culture. I hopefully can gain the skills and knowledge through this course that will become helpful when interacting with other cultures and to connect with the people. Just after reading a few of our chapters, and watching clips in class, I have noticed its helpful seeing others interact in different situations, and how we can master this multicultural world that we live in together.  

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January 9th, 2020 by Samantha Kohler

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